We are working on ketogenic diets at this time.

High fat diets appear to offer significant medical advantages.  This has been recognized by Sweden, which official espouses this diet at this time.

This can be related to the TED talk by Dr. Hallberg, linked here.

We will be producing research documents pertaining to this diet, which is somewhat controversial, but nowhere near as controversial as the hormone work we have been doing.  The hostility of the medical establishment has not fixated upon this dietary work, which is nice.


If you are interested; this book has nice explanation of the science.

If you are more interested, a cookbook (or several) like this will get you on track.  

If you do want to enjoy the benefits of a ketotic diet, consult a physician.

KMI work

I am now halfway through getting treated by Ingrid , a KMI practitioner in Tuscon that provides excellent work!

This KMI work is an offshoot, which I regard as an improved version of Rolfing, if you have heard of this.

I cannot recommend this bodywork highly enough.  It consists of 12 90 minute sessions done once a week on a specific set of muscles each time, in a particular sequence.  This is based upon the work of Thomas W Myers, and is well written in his book “Anatomy Trains.”

Ingrid suggested another book that is quite excellent on the relationship between physiology and psychology called “The Polyvagal Theory,” by Dr. Stephen W Porges.

This, I have just started reading, and is excellent and beyond all recommendation.  Read it if you are interested in this type of thing.  NOTE: it is quite thick in neuroanatomy, which is slow reading.


I will write about my experience soon.